martes, 20 de mayo de 2014


Skin: *WoW* Sara/Tan 01 [New]
Hair: *Lamb for C88* Peggy Sue/Refresh Blondes [New]
Earrings&Necklace: *Miray Style* Daisy [Fashonista Hunt]
Dress: *DLS for The Kollective* Flirty [New]

Photo: Here

miércoles, 14 de mayo de 2014


Skin: *WoW* Rima/Tan Natural [New]
Hair: *Truth for C88* Thelma/Blondes [New]
Earrings: *Mandala* Polly/White Gold Metal
Rings: *FBD for Funny Puppet* Kawaii Skull [Gift]
Bag: *NS* Happy Mother's Days [Gift]
Dress: *Cysleek* Beach/Panda White [New]
Shoes: *Pure Poison* Tina [Group Gift]

Photo: Here

martes, 13 de mayo de 2014


Skin: *WoW* Sara/Tan 05 [New]
Hair: *Pr!tty for TDRF* Rain V2/Essentials [New]
Jewelry: *Mandala* Polly/White
Dress: *Amarelo Manga* Clara/Silver [New]
Shoes: *JD* Lux/Silver

Photo: Here

lunes, 12 de mayo de 2014


Look 1
Skin: *Panda Punx* Princes [Cotton Candy Hunt]
Hair: *Lamb for C88* Rizzo/Refresh Blondes [New]
Earrings: *Bens Beauty* Tanyeli/Pink
Outfit: *FBD for Feeb's Rascals* Spiked Outfit/Pink [New]

Look 2
Skin: *Panda Punx* Princes [Cotton Candy Hunt]
Hair: *Lamb for C88* Rizzo/Refresh Blondes [New]
Necklace: *Bens Beauty* Snake [Group Gift]
Sunglasses: *Loordes of London for FashionArt* Kalaoa/#12 [New]
Outfit: *FBD for FashionArt* Female Pants Suit/Blue Peacock [New]
Shoes: *Miss Canning* Lucy/White [New]

domingo, 11 de mayo de 2014


Skin: *WoW for DC* Rea/Tan [New]
Hair: *Little Bones* Les Garcons [Group Gift]
Bracelet: *Opopop for Fantasy Gacha Carnival* Snake V1 [New]
Slink Nails: *ZoZ for DC* Wild Black/Silver [New]
Outfit: *Amarelo Manga for DC* Luiza [New]

Photo: Here

jueves, 8 de mayo de 2014


Skin: *WoW* Sara/Tan 02 [New]
Hair: *pr!tty for TDRF* Jolie/Blondes [New]
Lashes: *#7* Goldsclager [New]
Bracelets: *Bens Beauty* Rayne/Gold
Necklace: *Loordes of London for FashionArt* A Touch of Deco/ 8 [New]
Slink Nails: *ZoZ for Cosmetic Fair* Sassy/Gold [New]
Dress: *Loordes of London for FashionArt* The Greek Tragedy/21 [New]
Shoes: *Miss Canning* Geneva/Red-Gold [New]

Photo: Here

miércoles, 7 de mayo de 2014


Skin: *Panda Punx* Saini/Tan [Saini Hunt]
Hair: *Mina for TDRF* Eva/Dark blond [New]
Rings: *FBD for Gatcha Garden* Kawaii Skull/Pink [New]
Slink Nails: *ZoZ for Rock Attitude Fashion Fair* Skull/Silver [New]
Dress: *Rowena Springflower* Cora Retro/Hud Change Color [New]
Shoes: *Miss Canning* Brenda/Pink [New]

Photo: Here